AdhereHealth and Papa Help Health Plans Overcome Social Determinates Of Health (SDOH)

The CMS 2018 Call Letter indicated how the federal government has shifted the ability for Medicare Advantage plans to calculate its Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) for SDOH expenses from administrative costs to medical. Most recently examples were given on a CMS April 2019 Press Release:

      1. Transportation to doctor appointments
      2. Transportation to the local pharmacies
      3. Transportation and support for grocery shopping
      4. Home environment services which improve health related to chronic illness


See How AdhereHealth and Papa Can Help you Over Come SDOH!

Partner with the Leaders in Medication Adherence and Companionship Technologies to Improve Your Population Outcomes

AdhereHealth’s, platform of solutions already impacts nearly 10 million consumers through advanced algorithms and clinical workflows focused on improving at-risk consumers. AdhereHealth’s platform combines with the power of Papa, the award-winning companionship platform company that serves the elderly, blind and disabled plans whose consumers are eligible for face to face interactions with Papa Pals.

This combined relationship utilized not only the latest in technologies but also uses the human element to directly target and ultimately overcome key factors such as loneliness, food insecurity and transportation, any one of them impeding optimal healthcare and medication adherence.